Company Link (online): Boost Business Operations and reduce costs

Tool based workshops


Date : 2023-11-29

Time : 15:00 - 17:00

Address: Online

Tool based workshops

Streamline your business operations and reach your goals faster with AI and tech

Business operations are the core of any business and instrumental to performance and achieving goals. This session will explore from the Ukrainian perspective how technology can unlock (new) business results now and in the future. 

Imagine growing your business results, while cutting costs by a double digit number. Does not sound bad, right? This session will unlock new ways to efficiently and effectively manage business operations and show how tech and AI can reduce your costs, improve productivity and deliver business results. Don’t miss out on this session that will take you through how your business can: 

  • Automate tasks
  • Improve efficiency 
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity and work flows

Link to webinar:

Why should you go to this session?

Don’t miss out if you are looking for skills and knowledge on how to create business operations generating efficiency and new opportunities. We have provided you with 3 key reasons for why you should join us for this session: 

  1. Experts from the engine room at your disposal
    Explore how the newest trends on how business operations powered by tech and AI can create results for your business told by those working with it everyday. 
  2. Best practices, examples & how to’s
    Working with this field generates experiences, practices and how to. A selection of those best practices will be hand-picked and available in this session.  
  3. New relations & networking
    You will be able to connect with like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, and people who are eager to create future proof businesses, and build new relations.   


Kyrylo Kostanetskyi

Kyrylo Kostanetskyi, Product Manager at IT-Enterprise

Kyrylo and his team at IT-Entreprise are specialized in finding solutions relevant to each project helping companies become stronger.

Make sure to be part of this webinar as Kyrylo takes you through the crucial steps towards increasing business efficiency through the use of IT and AI. 

Who is this session for? 

For you and like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs and managers of all sizes are interested in learning how to use AI and tech to improve customer experience and marketing results, and generate business results. The event is held in English. 

The breakout sessions will be led by experts with a demonstrated track-record creating business results. 

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Networking as bridgehead to matches  

To facilitate and strengthen the potential of job opportunities and market expansions between businesses, you will have the opportunity to network, explore potential collaborations and exchange knowledge and resources.

About Company Link

The European-Ukrainian Hub is launching a new initiative together with strong partners (among others Google, IVÆKST and Dansk IT) to create an international link between experts, companies and entrepreneurs across Denmark, Ukraine and beyond. The initiative  is launched with a kickoff event focusing on AI and IT trends and opportunities followed by breakout sessions revolved around crucial business drivers.

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