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Tool based workshops


Date : 2023-11-28

Time : 16:30 - 18:30

Address: Online

Tool based workshops

How to make a business powerhouse with customer experience and marketing 

Here is the opportunity you are looking for, if you look for tools and insights from Ukrainian IT companies to strengthen your customer experience and marketing with new valuable fuel.  

This session will give you an overview and understanding of the opportunities provided by AI and IT to create better business results in the fine business cross-field between customer experience and marketing. No doubt there are some unique business opportunities here. 

You will get a first row access to inspiration from leading speakers from Ukraine sharing their valuable insights, tools and informatie tips on how IT and AI can make customers happy and loyal, while creating a strong marketing powerhouse powered by AI and IT giving you: 

  • Better understand your customers
  • Improve your marketing campaigns
  • Create a more personalized customer experience
  • Increase sales and profits
Link to webinar:
Why should you go to this session?

No doubt this session will strengthen your knowledge about how your business can create new business value within your customer experience and marketing. Here is 3 key reasons to go to this session where you can gain: 

  1. New insights into customer experience & marketing powered by tech & AI
    This session provides you with insights and best practices demonstrated by industry experts. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. 
  2. Special examples & industry how to’s
    Working with this field generates experiences, practices and how to’s. A selection of those best practices will be handpicked and available in this session.  
  3. New relations & networking
    You will be able to connect with like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, and people who are eager to create future proof businesses, and build new relations.   


Dmytro Ilienkov

Dmytro Ilienkov

Head of Support at Weblium 

Dmytro leads a support team at Weblium website builder. Weblium incorporates features to generate texts, images, and entire websites with AI. These functionalities not only enhance clients' customer experience during content creation but also contribute to Weblium's marketing campaigns. Dmytro, along with his team, assists customers in leveraging AI tools for website creation. Weblium, a subsidiary of TemplateMonster, is a website builder that helps any user quickly create an online store, a landing page, or a multi-page website in just a few hours. Also, it provides a comprehensive set of marketing integrations and SEO tools. 

Who is this session for? 

For you and like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs and managers of all sizes are interested in learning how to use AI and tech to improve customer experience and marketing results, and generate business results. The event is held in English. 

The breakout sessions will be led by experts with a demonstrated track-record creating business results. 

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Networking as bridgehead to matches  

To facilitate and strengthen the potential of job opportunities and market expansions between businesses, you will have the opportunity to network, explore potential collaborations and exchange knowledge and resources.

About Company Link

The European-Ukrainian Hub is launching a new initiative together with strong partners (among others Google, IVÆKST and Dansk IT) to create an international link between experts, companies and entrepreneurs across Denmark, Ukraine and beyond. The initiative  is launched with a kickoff event focusing on AI and IT trends and opportunities followed by breakout sessions revolved around crucial business drivers.

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