The creative team from Kyiv presented the project "Space of Humanity" at the European-Ukrainian Hub.

The team of the Ukrainian Foundation "From the Country to Ukraine" presented the art project "Space of Humanity" in Copenhagen, 

at the European-Ukrainian Hub, on the second anniversary of the big war.


Installations, paintings, documentary films, discussions... in various genres and forms, the Ukrainian team shared reflections and research results on how a full-scale war affects personality, what patterns help a person to preserve humanity in a total crisis and perform acts that will later be called heroic.

The project provided Danish viewers with the opportunity to see certain aspects of present-day Ukraine through the eyes of the Ukrainian team, as well as to reflect on profound questions about the value of life, humanity, extraordinariness, the mission of humanity, and the influence of the ideals and beliefs of each individual on decision-making processes in extraordinary situations.


Among the exhibits of the project at the European-Ukrainian Hub were paintings by Anton Logov, Serhiy Kondratiuk, the documentary almanac "Cities and Their Heroes" (produced by Anastasiia Vergeles), and the multimedia installation "Book of Humanity".

The discussion panels were led by Ukrainian philosopher Vakhtang Kebuladze. The author and ideologist of the project was Denis Bloshchynskyi, director of the Foundation "From the Country to Ukraine".


In Copenhagen, the project was opened thanks to the active participation of the Danish organization KoloNordic, the Ukrainian Association of Ukrainians in Denmark (led by Lesia Ignatyk-Eriksen), Ukrainian Dialogues (Serhii Kostrikov, Liudmyla Waller, Anastasia Krasnoshchoka, Anna Kryvous, Yuliia Kindra, Yuliia Zaitseva-Kirk), public activists Anna Voloshchenko, Oivind Holtermann, and the team of the European-Ukrainian Hub, including Andreas Dahl-Lauritzen, Alla Shorina, Anna Ivanenko, Olena Plotnikova, Yuliia Lazorenko, Veronika Rulli, Marina Bondarenko.



Photo: Nadia Tarasevych

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