FBN Ukraine Founders Became Guests of the European-Ukrainian Hub

Owners of Ukrainian family companies together with the FBN Ukraine Association — family businesses of Ukraine — visited Denmark to develop partnership relations and share experience.

Owners of Ukrainian family companies together with the FBN Ukraine Association — family businesses of Ukraine — visited Denmark to develop partnership relations and share experience.


Despite all the current challenges, Ukrainian companies are developing their activities and intensively looking for ways to strengthen teams, involve the best global practices and collaborate with new partners.


During the visit to the European-Ukrainian Hub, members of the delegation discussed vectors and opportunities for cooperation in the business sphere, algorithms for building business communications considering the cultural characteristics of countries, the potential of Denmark's experience in ecology, "green" business models, and waste management.

"We are starting our visit to Denmark with the European-Ukrainian Hub, because it is a symbol of the strength of Ukrainians. Here in Denmark, in northern Europe, they have found the strength and opportunities to help Ukraine and the Armed Forces fight, while at the same time acquiring new skills so that later after the victory, they will become the driving force behind the rebuild of their country," noted Larisa Mudrak, CEO of FBN Ukraine.


With the start of the business tour in Denmark, the delegation was greeted by Lesya Ignatyk-Eriksen, the head of the Association of Ukrainians in Denmark, the head of the organization Hjælp Ukrainske Børn, the owner of the company NordicUkraineinvest.


According to Lesya Ignatyk-Erikson, Danish companies are reliable partners in business relations. "The movement towards partnership can be long, it might take years to build trust, and having already made a decision on partnership, Danish companies remain committed to cooperation. The partners of my company NordicUkraineinvest continue to work with Ukrainian productions and, despite all the risks, did not stop cooperation even in the spring of 2022", commented the entrepreneur on the situation in the sphere of partnership.

For Danish society and the business community, in particular, in partnership, not only the mutual benefit of cooperation and interaction, but also the commonality of values are important.


"Our team conducts daily activities — from practical classes and theoretical lectures to visits to Danish companies — so that the temporary stay of Ukrainians in Denmark was meaningful, the community had the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge, which after returning home will contribute to positive changes in local ecosystems and will support the high level of friendship between Denmark and Ukraine that we see today," Alla Shorina, manager of international partnership, shared the mission of the European-Ukrainian hub.  "And of course, we are always happy to help Ukrainian companies that are interested in the Danish experience, especially when the goal is the effective implementation of new knowledge and approaches for the development of production, trade networks, logistics, information platforms, as we see it in the dialogue with the delegation of FBN Ukraine" .

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