Fireside Chat: Introduction to Diversity, equity, and inclusion

A meeting with Copenhagen Business School Associate 

Professor Dr. Poornima Luthra


 A gathering took place at the European-Ukrainian Hub featuring TEDx speaker and Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Associate Professor Dr. Poornima Luthra. She is the author of one of the top 10 management books for 2023 according to "Thinkers50."

The event focused on "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)". The speaker provided an opportunity for the audience to contemplate the concept of identity and how to assert boundaries correctly. Discussions included addressing racism in the context of employees or subordinates, with examples of situations shared by the guests and insights on how to handle and respond to such issues.

 We appreciate the engaging and incredibly informative session provided by the speaker!


Text: Natalia Hlezner, Veronika Prymakova 

Photo: Alla Shorina

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