Meeting of the NGO "Hjælp Ukrainske Børn" with the Ukrainian-Danish community

On March 13, 2024, the European-Ukrainian Hub hosted a meeting of the Ukrainian-Danish community with the Ukrainian organization PR Army, which leads the communication front and consists of activists and communication experts.


The meeting was dd to the topic ofedicate returning Ukrainian children from Russia - "ECONOMIC SANCTIONS AS A TOOL FOR REPATRIATION OF UKRAINIAN DEPORTED CHILDREN". Speakers were:
- Ukrainian PR Army representative Olga Danchenkova, 
- Head of the NGO "Hjælp Ukrainske Børn" and head of the Association of Ukrainians in Denmark Lesya Ignatyk-Eriksen, and 
- Danish activist Bjørn Kopp.

The speakers talked about ways of returning Ukrainian children deported to Russia to the Ukraine. Unofficial data is frightening - more than 250,000 Ukrainian children were forcibly taken to Russia. Ukrainian children are separated from their parents, given up for adoption to Russian families while their parents are alive and missing them, the children are given Russian citizenship, which complicates the return process. The spearkers also raised the topic of the effectiveness of sanctions against Russia.


Public debates are important because they draw attention to pressing issues and help understand complex topics. The Hub provides the venue for such meetings and is always happy to provide space for events that are important to the Ukrainian community.

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