Meeting of Ukraine’s Ambassador in Denmark with Danish and Ukrainian organizations

An open meeting with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Denmark, Andriy Yanevsky, took place at the European-Ukrainian Hub on April 8, 2024.


The meeting brought together Danish and Ukrainian public organizations, representatives of the diaspora, businesses, and volunteers from Denmark. The head of the organization Hjælp Ukrainske Børn, Lesya Ignatyk-Eriksen, who also serves as the head of the Association of Ukrainians in Denmark, not only co-organized the event with the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Denmark but also moderated the meeting. The purpose of the gathering was to discuss the possibilities of joint assistance to Ukraine in 2024.

Ambassador Yanevskyi highlighted Denmark's support for Ukraine and encouraged a deeper understanding of Ukrainian culture among Danes. “Denmark is a beautiful country and has provided substantial support to Ukraine during this difficult times” ambassador Yanevskyi stressed. "The only way to win this war is through military means, and Denmark deserves credit for its support. Denmark is ranked number four globally in military support for Ukraine, just after the USA, UK, and Germany." He also emphasized the role of Ukrainians abroad as ambassadors, urging them to portray Ukraine positively globally. “Ukrainians living abroad are ambassadors of Ukraine and must showcase the nation's identity in the most positive light possible to the global community” he emphasized. Also joining the discussion were Kenneth Flex, Director of the Danish Refugee Council in Denmark, and Charlotte Slente, Secretary-General of the Danish Refugee Council.


The speakers acknowledged the challenges associated with repatriating Ukrainians, especially from territories controlled by Russia. Although President Zelensky has expressed his desire for Ukrainians to return home, many may encounter obstacles, such as destroyed or occupied homes. This underscores the importance of repatriation programs to facilitate their return and assist in rebuilding their homeland. Furthermore, the speakers discussed opportunities for Ukrainians to enhance their skills, particularly in engineering and design, during their time in Denmark. Leveraging Denmark's expertise can contribute to infrastructure rebuilding efforts and offer meaningful employment opportunities in the future.

Educational programs integrating Danish knowledge can equip Ukrainians with the skills necessary for reconstruction projects. Additionally, efforts to provide housing for displaced Ukrainians in Ukraine were emphasized, with support from various partners, notably the Danish government. The expansion of opportunities for Ukrainians to return home and contribute to reconstruction is of paramount importance. Ambassador Yanevsky underscored this by stating, "If we do not rebuild our country, no one will do it for us."


At the end of the meeting, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and express their concerns. Ambassador Yanevsky emphasized the importance of cooperation and innovation in addressing the challenges faced by Ukrainians. This meeting marked the first interaction between Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Denmark Andrii Yanevskiy and Ukrainian and Danish organizations. Both the speakers and the organization members concurred on the necessity for future meetings.



Text and photo: Iryna Bulai

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