Meeting with Ukrainian activists Daria Kaleniuk and Maria Berlinska.

Meeting of Maria Berlinska and Maria Kaleniuk with the Ukrainian community 

at The European-Ukrainian Hub (photo report).


 The Association of Ukrainians in Denmark, led by Lesya Ignatik-Eriksen, and the Ukrainian Dialogues team organized a visit to Denmark for two Ukrainian activists - Maria Berlinska from the Center for Air Reconnaissance Support, and Daria Kaleniuk from the Anti-Corruption Action Center, International Center for Ukrainian Victory.

 The purpose of the visit is to foster dialogue with Danish institutions, volunteers, and companies to strengthen support for Ukraine.


 On Friday, February 2nd, the Ukrainian group held a meeting in the Danish Parliament, and the day before, they met with the Ukrainian community at the European-Ukrainian Hub. Discussions revolved around the importance of technological advancement, civil society's active role in dialogue with the government, the significance of maintaining Denmark's support for Ukraine, and the Ukrainian community's involvement.


Content: Marina Artyukhova

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